Retail tobacco sales kill 15,000 Australians every year

This site provide resources, news and links to promote the earliest eradication of tobacco sales in Australia. While tobacco manufacturers are treated as corporate pariahs, it seems that tobacco retailers are able to hide behind a smokescreen of corporate respectability. This website seeks to "denormalise" the retail tobacco industry - a critical strategy in bringing an end to tobacco related deaths in the 21st Century.

This page contains links to advocacy, particularly directed at Coles Supermarkets that sell enough cigarettes each year to kill 1,600 Australians but somehow form a partnership to raise funds with the Cancer Council for cancer research - both causing and preventing cancer? Details on numbers in articles below and in case study to the right.


US chain CVS stops tobacco sales: over to you, Coles and Woolworths, by Craig Dalton, The Conversation, 7/2/14

Banning retail tobacco sales: Time to start the discussion, by Craig Dalton, published 6th July,2012 in the Drug and Alcohol Review (click here for proof version if unable to access DAR) or here for institutional access

Should we set a date for a tobacco-free Australia? - by Craig Dalton, The Conversation

Daffodils or ciggies, take your pick - Opinion SMH, by Craig Dalton

Cole's cancer footprint isn't overgrown by daffodils- Letter SMH, by Craig Dalton

ABC Radio 1233 Interview on Tobacco Ban 16th July 2012 interview Craig Dalton


Should We Ban Cigarettes? - by Peter Singer, Project Syndicate

Coles Supermarket Case Study

See the data used for estimates of 1,600 deaths per year contributed by number of cigarettes sold by Coles each year and ratio of research dollars raised compared to medical expenditures incurred.

Coles Supermarket Case Study

"Denormalising" the Retail Tobacco Industry"